Monday, October 21, 2013

Small update

Hello. Just a quick update on my introduction animation: It's coming along fine. It should be done by late December or early January. Sorry for the wait, but animation takes time. About the art project: It's coming together. I'm finishing up the outlines and the only thing left is coloring. Ugh. I always hated the coloring part. It takes the longest, and I can't shade to save my life. Maybe I'll leave it black and white. Anyways, it's been taking so long because 1) I'm incredibly lazy (at least I'm honest about it) 2) TF2 and Tumblr are distracting me from everything and finally 3) because I can never have a quiet place to work. At least in my room where my animation setup is I can at least get quiet. My desk is always messy so I can't draw there. That leaves the kitchen table and the dining room table. Downstairs, everything is always noisy. My nephew crying, my older sister complaining, the dogs barking, my dad yelling at the TV(football), my mom vacuuming, and the cat meowing. I can't get a second of peace. But, when all of them are upstairs, I can work, and that's how I got most of it done. Thanks for being patient with me.

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