Monday, October 7, 2013

Art Project update and Animation update

Now that almost all of my necessary equipment is set up (all I need now is the actual tablet to draw on), I will be able to begin animating soon. My art project is coming along nicely, so expect updates on that. I also plan to animate for TV News! Yes, that's right! My animations will be seen on the morning broadcast once they are ready. This is also a lot of pressure on me, so please, be patient and bear with me on this. I can only do so much and animating takes a lot of time Remember, I am a one-person team. It's just me. I have to animate, put in the sound, edit the clips, and make sure it syncs correctly. Lip-syncing is hard. Really hard.
Another thing, if you have a certain event or something happening (a club you like is opening, etc) please tell me! I will make a short animation in celebration of said club opening. Thank you all so much for your patience.

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