Friday, March 14, 2014

Manga Studio 5

So, the long anticipated Manga Studio 5 recently hit store shelves and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy. So, is it any good? Let's find out.
The selection of brushes is pretty good for a 60-dollar program. The ability to create your own brushes is neat and I enjoyed the option of Indian style paint (although I'll more than likely never use it.) The brushes are smooth and nice, and the canvas support is very high (supporting more than 10000 by 10000 px) and the HD quality is great. The interface is easy to use, brush size selector reminding me a lot of Paint Tool Sai (a program I unfortunately had to ditch when I got a mac, at least until I get a copy of Windows running on there eventually). I also enjoyed the highly customizable interface, being able to snap windows to the sides of the canvas was a lifesaver and it gave me everything I was used to with Photoshop and simplified it. I didn't like the lag of the cursor sometimes, though. It was only on occasion, but sometimes when I attempted to draw, it would be so slow strokes I had made a minute ago were only just now reading. I don't know if it's my tablet or the program itself, so I can't be sure this'll happen to everyone. I had the problem, though.
I really enjoy it! It might be the only program I've used thus far that I can officially call a 'SAI alternative'. Some claim it's actually going to REPLACE SAI, but once version 2 comes out I can't be so sure about this replacing it. I did enjoy it a lot though, and it's my main program until I can run Windows on my Mac in July. It can't replace SAI in my eyes, really nothing can. SAI is too good of a program to simply be replaced, but this comes pretty close.

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